What is the

DIamond Dolphins CLUB?

The Diamond Dolphins Club is 7777 Dolphins swimming around the ethereum blockchain living happily and freely. We stand behind that a NFT project is only as strong as it’s community. That is why Diamond Dolphins is centered around two major components. First building out community and second cleaning the ocean ! 10% of lifetime royalties go to removing plastic out of the ocean ! Donation will be made to the Ocean cleanup project (https://theoceancleanup.com)

1 NFT sale

Removes 35 pounds of plastic and waste out of the ocean

Why join the dolphins community?

1-of-1 NFTs

More than 30 custom-made 1/1 Diamond Dolphin NFTs. Be one of the lucky ones who will get the special 1-of-1.

Passive Income from staking NFTs

One of the coolest features for the project will be $OCEANFUND token. By staking your Diamond Dolphins NFTs you will be rewarded with daily $OCEANFUND tokens.

Hand-drawn illustrations

All traits went through a massive selection process to create the most aesthetically pleasing dolphin on the blockchain.

A supportive and thriving community

Ocean loving, blockchain-driven, loyal community, together we laugh, together we learn and together we help the ocean. Good vibes, good people, become one of us!

Lucky Prizes

Giveaway for 5 holders that mint the rarest dolphins the golden dolphins will each receive $5,000. Anyone who owns 3 or more diamond dolphins will be entered to win $25,000. As well as Tesla Model 3 Giveaway when all 7777 Diamond Dolphins will be minted.

Clean the ocean

Our mission is to help the ocean. Maybe we cannot do much, considering how big is the ocean, but we have to start somewhere, and this is just the beginning! Clean ocean, healthy ocean creatures is what we live for!
Diamond dolphins roadmap


Marketing campaigns fire up with the launch of the social media , website and discord. We will be spending $150,000 to let the world know the Diamond Dolphins club exist. We want to build a thriving community !



On the 8th of Feburary , we drop 7777 Diamond Dolphins in the Ethereum Blockchain. 10% of every sold Dolphin goes to the Ocean Clean up Project! They rid the ocean of plastic and waste.



$50,000 giveaway

Giveaway for holders 5 holders that mint the rarest dolphins the golden dolphins will each receive $5,000. Anyone who owns 3 or more diamond dolphins will be entered to win $25,000



Diamond Dolphins Miami takeover we will throw the greatest exclusive meet ups for our holders ! Where we will give away a Tesla Model 3 for one of our lucky holders on the contingency that all 7,777 Diamond Dolphins have been minted.



We wanted keep it a secret but it’s hard. We will tokenize this whole project generate 1 billion $Dolphin tokens which Diamond Dolphins holder will be airdrop free tokens the plan is to continue growing the community and helping clean the ocean. 5% transaction fee from buying and selling $Dolphin token plus individual donations are all added to the Clean the ocean Fund for the community to distribute as it sees fit.


An NFT (non-fungible token) is a piece of art that lives on the blockchain. Owning an NFT is just like owning a painting, but instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually, on the blockchain. Diamond Dolphins is a collection of 7777 different NFT’s that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Diamond Dolphins Club is the next level NFT project. Which gives back to its community and sponsor a great cause. The world will recognize us !

NFT will be 0.11 ETH + Gas.

You will be able to mint a Diamond Dolphin directly on our website, on the launch date February 8th 2022 if you are whitelisted, and February 10th for public sale. 

By minting Diamond Dolphins NFT you will receive randomly generated NFT. By doing so you will automatically help the Ocean and remove 35 pounds of ocean trash. In the near future by staking the NFT you will be able to earn passive income from $OCEANfunds token. 

Team members

Jonathan Vaz
Alina Ivaneca
Sean Pent
Blockchain Developer
Mia Martinez
Marketing Manager

A message to the community

We love ocean, we love dolphins and we want to make a community that is here to stay, and that will support our journey towards saving the ocean. Joining us you will have a great time, you will learn a lot and make new friend. Our goal is to build something amazing for you, the community and help the ocean.

Together, our ambition is to build a loyal, smart and supportive community where holders are rewarded for their conviction both as a Diamond Dolphins and general Ethereum believer.

With likeminded people who cares about our future, our ocean that is a big part of our everyday lives, we can make a difference! We need to make a difference, every minted NFT will help and that’s what matters! 

Everyday we wake up asking ourselves what can we do to create something incredible for you, the Diamond Dolphins community. This is only just the beginning.

Join us.